X Hidden Easter Eggs And References You Didn't Notice In Stranger Things Season 2


If you’re here, we have one question for you. Well two actually. Did you binge watch Stranger Things season 2? Are you also dying for more? We hear ya, we are paddling on that boat with you. The only thing keeping us afloat is the fact that we can rewatch the season and you all should too, because there are so many hidden easter eggs and references you may not have noticed. There are so many brilliant references and easter eggs the Duffer Brothers included in here, it’s hard to keep up. But it definitely makes it Or some of you eagle eyed fans might have, in which case, we are going to discuss some of our favorites and would love to hear some of yours as well.

The most obvious is of course Ghostbusters, the kids Halloween costumes are a given. But did you notice on Dustin’s bedroom wall, there is a “Ghostbusters Certificate of Anti-Paranormal Proficiency”. Which you could get by joining the movie’s official fan club. Pretty great right?