What The Cast Of Stranger Things Looks Like In Real Life


Stranger Things premiered in summer 2016 and quickly gained a devoted fandom. We gained a trip back into the 80s and were able to get some hardcore nostalgia for the awesome horror and sci fi movies of the era. Right after we binged the season on Netflix, some of us several times, we were dying to see what happened next. We were left with so many questions.

When season 2 finally arrived, it did not disappoint. We absolutely loved seeing the return of our favorite characters, and boy are there several. We also saw some new characters arrive like Bob, Max, and Billy.

This show takes place in the past, so the characters have very dated hair and clothing styles. Which brings us to a very important question, what do the actors who portray them look like in real life?

Well we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. Eleven rocks an awesome shaved head in the show. In real life, actress Millie Bobby Brown really shaved her head and has been growing it out. She’s become quite the fashion icon.

Will Byers looks a lot happier in real life. Actor Noah Schnapp sports a giant smile and a more stylish slicked back hair cut. And how about fan favorite Barb? Her character is a stark contrast to what she looks like in real life.

Want to know who else made our list? Be sure to watch the rest of our video and find out.