Things (And People) The Hulk Has Eaten


Hey Ryan here with a featured Screen Rant list -

You may be watching this video while having some lunch, maybe just a little snack to satisfy those hunger pangs.

Well if you get cranky when you’re angry, imagine how the Hulk feels. And imagine how much he has to eat to satisfy his hunger!

This is just leading me to my point that when The Hulk gets hungry, the Hulk’s gotta eat - and he’s eaten some pretty crazy stuff over the years.

I’m gonna go through a few things and people that have been on Hulk’s menu, check out the full list for more.

Baked Beans

In the early days of the Hulk he was conveyed as kind of a simpleton.

For some reason the writers decided the food of choice for someone who’s basically a big green ball of carnal motivation was baked beans.

Hulk loves Baked Beans with all his heart and eats them straight from the pot whenever he can.

He loves them so much that he went totally nuts when someone suggested he eat some fish.

Silver Surfer’s Head

Earth-2149 imagines a world where all our favorite superheroes turn into cannibalistic monsters.

So it’s like a whole new type of food was unlocked for the big green guy - like he opened up two menu pages that were stuck together and was like “oh people are on the menu I didn’t know that”

This led to him eating Silver Surfer’s head. Although not by himself, he shared it with Zombie Spider-Man Iron Man and Giant Man because he’s a generous cannibal.


In Hulk starring Eric Bana, our green buddy has a heat-seeking missile shot at him - because humans don’t like big green monsters so they need to die.

But Hulk catches the missile and chomps down on it instead, which definitely wasn’t part of the plan.

To be fair Hulk didn’t actually eat it, it was more of a palate cleanser because he spat it at a helicopter, as you do with palate cleansing missiles.

Magneto’s Leg

Let’s go back to Zombie Hulk a little bit - you didn’t think he had just eaten Silver Surfer’s head, did you?

No Zombie Hulk also apparently had an appetite for some sweet juicy Magneto leg.

The thing they don’t tell you about Magneto legs though is that they’re pretty hard to digest. It ended up causing his stomach to rupture.

Which you know, they should really warn you about on the packaging.

Those are just a few things that The Hulk has eaten but there are lots more in the article so be sure to read through that.

Thanks for watching and keep it on Screen Rant for more lists like this one.