The Voices Behind Your Favorite Cartoon Characters


We all love a good cartoon and part of what makes that experience so memorable are the cartoon characters. In order to bring those digital or hand drawn creations to life, an actor needs to bring their A game and make that cartoon as real as they can be. Not an easy task. Quite often, actors who are working in animation tend to be forgotten. Not today though! This is just a small list of voice actors who are getting some love from us. Such as Hank Azaria on the Simpsons, who voices the most characters on the show and ended up getting the job thanks to the character Moe. Sean Schemmel is the North American voice actor best known for bringing Goku to the west in Dragon Ball Z and in that regard, played a huge role in popularizing the anime. Some actors, like Phil Lamarr and John DiMaggio work almost exclusively in voice work but their portfolios are so amazing that it seems they work on everything from Rick and Morty to Transformers to Samurai Jack. Some actors, like Alison Brie and Mark Hamill work in both live action and animation and are able to seamlessly go between the two mediums. They’ve worked on series like BoJack Horseman and Batman: The Animated Series respectively. Justin Roiland is credited with voicing both Rick and Morty and is a co-creator on the series, so you know he’s invested. Aisha Tyler, while often seen as a tv personality host, has also done her fair share of animation, including working on the fan favorite Archer.