The Cast Of Zombies Real Name And Age


It sure seems like having zombies in a film will never get old, and we definitely aren’t upset about that. In The Disney Channel Original Movie, “Zombies,” the cast takes the audience by storm, performing musical numbers to get lost in! The stars of the TV movie are so intriguing we just want to know more about each of them. Who plays the beautiful, kind blonde cheerleader Addison at Seabrook High School? Is Milo Manheim really only a teenager? Who plays the Zombietown talker Bonzo? And what singer-songwriter stars as Zed’s best friend Eliza. As for the hunk who continually is compared to “High School Musical” star Zac Efron, Trevor Tordjman, we really want to know how old he is…

Want to find out more about all your favorite leads of “Zombies”? Watch this video to find out the casts real names and ages...along with some secret facts about each of the blooming actors!