The ABC's Of The Justice League Movie


The Justice League was jam-packed with all types of crazy moments, scenes with heroes, and moments we’ve been looking forward to for months. Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, you can follow our ultimate A to Z guide to learn everything about the Justice League movie.

The villain Steppenwolf hails from Apokolips, an evil planet that seeks to take over other planets and destroy Earth. Bruce Wayne must rely on the big guns to help control Superman, but we’re not talking about a high-tech weapon. The film was slated to be over three hours long, but it was cut down and several characters were completely eliminated from the production. The film’s score was composed by Danny Elfman who brought back some old favorites to go with the modern music. Waking up Superman required an electric shock that only a speedy hero could provide. The trailers and posters showcased the whole team together and it was great to see it on the big screen. Hostages became a huge element in the movie and allowed The Flash to showcase his powers. The Mother Boxes were a huge part of the plot and Steppenwolf’s evil plan. Aquaman’s trident proved to be a powerful force against several enemies in the movie. The mid-credits scene showcased a huge race between The Flash and Superman, but will there be more to come. Wonder Woman rode the momentum off her solo outing and provided the heart of the heroes. Zack Snyder's vision may have been cut down, but he helped build an incredible universe. Watch to see the full A to Z journey known as the Justice League!