The ABC's Of Stranger Things Season 2


If you love Stranger Things, then you’ll love our ultimate A-to-Z guide to season 2 of the show. The series has upped the ante from the first time around, introduced new characters, and added a whole lot of mystery to the town of Hawkins.

In this ABC list, we will explore all types of elements from the show. This includes the arcade setting from the first episode of the season. New characters like Mad Max and the way she has influenced different characters like Lucas and Dustin. Bob is another new character filled with comedic moments and a great storyline featuring Will and Joyce. A new setting featured in the show is Hopper’s cabin hidden deep in the woods. It showcased Eleven’s return to the real world and her growing relationship with Hopper. One of the new villains in the show were the Demo-Dogs, crazy creatures who love to feed off of nearly anything. Eggos make a huge return in season 2, with more dessert options and crazy creations made by Hopper. A lot of friendships are explored in season two. One of the newest bonds to form is between Dustin and Steve as they team up to stop the beasts. The characters gear up in all different types of ways for Stranger Things. This includes wearing Ghostbusters costumes and introducing new weapons. Other entries include Kali, Hawkins, waterways, the Upside Down, and Eleven’s mother Terry. Now enjoy watching the whole journey from A to Z in Stranger Things season 2.