The ABC's Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi


The premiere of the Last Jedi is finally here as the saga continues and we learn more about the characters we met in The Force Awakens. Want a crash course on the movie?! Follow our A-to-Z guide on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

There are a number of new lands in the film, including Anch-To, a water filled planet which includes a number of small islands. Canto Bight is a casino city featured in the movie and will explore the rich and glamorous life of some citizens. New droids like the BB-9E will also be filling the screen by joining other favorites like BB-8, C3PO, and R2-D2. A major focus in the Last Jedi is Luke’s journey. This includes training Rey, revisiting old places, and confronting his nephew Kylo Ren. Along with the family drama, we will learn more about Snoke and his role with the First Order. A number of new ships will appear in the movie Kylo Ren has a TIE silencer, Poe flies a new X-Wing, and there are new walkers with very ape-like movements. A couple of new female characters include a pair of sisters. There’s gunner Paige and her sister Rose. Both get involved with Finn’s storyline. As Finn overcomes his injuries, he must confront Captain Phasma once again and do battle. The Force is very much alive and the movie will be filled with a lot of twists and surprises. Watch the A-to-Z guide to learn about it all!