The ABC's Of Marvel's Infinity Stones


For years, Marvel has been building up their cinematic universe and introducing us to new characters. Not only have we seen the adventures of Iron Man, Thor, and others, but we’ve also been introduced to the world of Infinity Stones. These stones are a huge part of the comic books and have been scattered throughout the MCU.

Before you get ready for films like Black Panther and The Avengers: Infinity War, get caught up with an A-to-Z guide covering everything about the Infinity Stones. The stones have been huge parts of films like the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, but they will now finally be all in one place for the next Avengers movie. These stones were initially formed in the Big Bang as spread out across the universe to protect the different aspects of life. The Collector is a huge fan of these stones and was actually in possession of two of them at one point. Once Thanos gains power of the stones, he can virtually do anything he wants, including causing the death and millions of people in an instant.The stones have taken many forms through the years, including the Tesseract and the Eye of Agamotto. Thanos isn’t all evil. In the comics, his evil intentions are used to impress Lady Death, his longtime love interest. The Infinity stones were once referred to as gems in Marvel comics and include Power, Space, Time, Soul, Reality, and Mind. Watch to learn the ABC’s of the Infinity Stones and their place in the Marvel Universe!