The ABC's Of Home Alone


It doesn’t feel like Christmas without watching at least one of the Home Alone movies. Things only get better when you watch them both back-to-back. If you’re a fan of everything Home Alone, then this A-to-Z guide is for you!

We travel deep into the movie to cover everything from Attics to Ziplines from both films. Kevin makes an important battle plan to take out Marv and Harry. He creates one of the more painful traps by chucking bricks over a rooftop. Two turtle doves act as an important symbol of friendship in Home Alone 2. Marv gets some of the worse punishments, including a brutal electrocution. Fuller is a minor character that provides a lot of laughs with just a can of Pepsi. A collection of Hot Wheels serve as a great trap and something kids can relate to after watching the film. Ice plays a huge role in both films as every character slips and suffers from it. Jerk was the ultimate insult used in the Home Alone films. Kevin is the heart and soul of Home Alone. Little Nero’s Pizza plays a pivotal role for several scenes in the first movie and the delivery driver must really hate his job. Watch to see the rest of the topics covered including famous quotes, characters stealing, the use of paint cans, and so many old lonely people. Relive these great moments as you spend holidays with family and enjoy these classic films together. This is the ABC’s of Home Alone!