Star Wars Theory: Was c3-Po spying on darth Vader?


The Star Wars franchise is about to release it’s ninth film - ten if you want to be technical - and we do - since Clone Wars was released theatrically. Only two characters have appeared in every single film, robotic buddies C-3PO and astromech droid R2-D2. While R2’s has served as a worthy companion for our Jedi’s throughout the films, Threepio has mostly bumbled around screen, constantly finding himself blown to bits or shushing R2 for beeping and booping too much.

For the msot part, C-3PO has been considered one of the most harmless creations in all of the STar Wars Universe, both official canon and Legends. But what if the bi-pedal droid had a more sinister side?

Is it possible he could have been secretly spying for the empire the entire time? Does it seem likely that despite a few memory wipes, the droid that is fluent is over six million languages is a master in the art of deception?

Most would assume C-3PO was meant for comedic relief, but what is story goes deeper. A way to thank his maker for building him, for giving him life. What is C-3PO was spying for Darth Vader?