Spiderman, Joker & Hulk Have in Common


People love comparing comic book characters. Whether it’s having a debate in the back of a comic book store about who could best who, or an Infinite Crisis of Civil Wars that takes place every six months; sizing up your favorite superheroes and villains is always fun.

Anyone who likes this video, or subscribes to CBR’s channel, has surely discussed if Superman could go toe to toe in a battle of fisticuffs with The Hulk. Playgrounds and office cubicles alike, have been known to have heated debates over who’s more crazy, Deadpool, or The Joker? We’re pretty sure who is the most pure-hearted hero, Spider-Man or The Flash, has been the reason for the end of several relationships.

What is it about discussing these heroes, and villains, and how they stack up against each other that entices us? We’re not sure… but we find it super fun! We took three seemingly incomparable characters and went there. We love Spider-Man, you love The Hulk and everyone has an opinion on The Joker. What makes them so similar? Watch the video and find out what Spider-Man, The Joker and The Hulk have in common.