Spider-Man 10 Versions Better Than Peter Parker


The story of Peter Parker is known by people the world over. A normal nerd gets bitten by a radioactive spider, gets some powers, and learns that with great powers comes great responsibility.

IF that’s all you know, you only know a small part of the story, as Peter Parker isn’t the only spider on the web. The Marvel universe keeps adapting his story, giving us heroes like Spider-Ham, a pig with spider powers. Peter’s own daughter, from an alternate universe has battled bad guys as Spider-Girl.

Did you know that the special spider that bit Peter got one more bite in before dying? Silk was the result, and along with a 1950’s Noir version, they are only one strand of the friendly neighborhood spider web. Each of them possibly doing a better job.

Those with evil intentions could also replace Spider-Man. Venom, Eddie Brock, has a deep-hatred for Spider-Man, and the powers to battle the annoying arachnid. One of Peter's greatest adversaries Doc Ock, once merged with Spider-Man, and found being a hero could be rewarding.

Plus… did we mention there will be clones?! Two of them, actually, Kaine and Ben Riley that would make a great Spider-Men. What list of potential replacement for Peter Parker would be complete without fan favorite Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales? Both fighting the good fight as spider-themed superheroes.

There are a lot of people who have taken on the totem of the Spider, to varying degrees of success. Let’s find out if any can replace the Peter Parker at what he does best - be Spider-Man.