Sausage Party: 10 Important Details You Totally Missed


Sausage Party is the absolute epitome of an animated movie that's definitely NOT for kids. Seth Rogen's frankly rather shocking 2016 offering was extremely crass, very crude and massively offensive - but there's also no denying the fact that it was absolutely hilarious.

It was, of course, the story of a sausage named "Frank" - who was voiced by Rogen himself - as he tried to discover the truth about his own existence, but there was quite a lot more to the movie than just that.

In this video, we'll take a look at some of the intricate details you might have missed in Sausage Party. Those ten things are; the fact that it has an underlying hidden religious meaning, the fact that it tackles the subject of racism in its own unique way, the fact that it promotes the pursuit of hedonism in life, the fact that it spoofs and references Pixar movies on countless occasions, the fact that there's a Saving Private Ryan reference (and it's absolutely brilliant), the fact that it takes place on the 4th of July, the fact that it references Stephen Hawking and Terminator 2: Judgement Day in the same scene, the fact that it references Titanic, the fact that it references Aliens, and the fact that Jay Baruchel WASN'T in it (can you believe that?!)!

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