Rick And Morty Fan Theories That Make Sense


Before we get schwifty, let’s pull out our portal guns and dive back through some awesome Rick and Morty adventures. Thanks to this show, we have reached a new level of existential crisis, one that makes us laugh. And with a show like Rick and Morty, you know that almost anything is possible, which of course has spawned some very elaborate and intricate fan theories. The creators are very vague about certain things, so naturally fans have to come up with their own explanations. A lot of them make sense and we have compiled a list of some very interesting ones.

For starters, there’s the one that suggests Rick is depressed all the time because he knows that somewhere in some universe he is part of a TV show. And he knows this, which is why he constantly breaks the fourth wall. There is also a theory that Morty that we know and love isn’t Rick’s original Morty. In fact, people think that evil Morty who was seen in Season 2 and 3, is actually Rick’s original Morty. And Rick left him for dead, which caused this Morty to resent him and try and take out all of the Ricks. Pretty dark right? It gets even darker believe it or not.