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10 Things Mal Can Do That Uma Can't

Good versus evil is the leading theme in the DCOM “Descendants,” “Descendants 2,” and the soon to be “Descendants 3.” Disney has allowed these misunderstood villains the time and adventures to discove...


10 Most Powerful Heroes Thanos Has Beaten

If you thought Loki or Ultron presented a problem to the Avengers, then you have no clue what’s about to happen when Thanos makes his arrival on Earth. The classic Marvel villain is one of the most po...


10 Dark Secrets In Disney's Zombies

“Zombies” was Disney’s 2018 DCOM hit, however, there are some dark secrets from the film you don’t know about. When the film was released we all fell in love with Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim playing...


10 Dark Secrets In Pretty Little Liars

Which “Pretty Little Liars” cast member is doing jail time? Which actress seemed thrilled with the end of the show? Which cast member lied about their age to get the part? Which character is going to ...


10 Things You Never Noticed In Disney's Coco

“Coco” was one of the best Pixar movies of 2017 and if you don’t think so, you probably didn’t pay enough attention to the details! The filmmakers worked extremely hard to create an authentic story an...


The Voices Behind Your Favorite Cartoons Part2

What’s your favorite cartoon character ever? Whether it’s Bugs Bunny, Ash Ketchum, Eric Cartman, Bart Simpson, Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, Patrick Star, Peter Griffin, Charlie Brown, or Dexter from “Dext...


20 Things You Didn't Know About Peppa Pig

If you love “Peppa Pig” as much as we do, you probably think that you know everything about her. But there are actually some things that you can’t know, no matter how much you watch this children’s ca...


10 Peppa Pig Characters In Real Life

One of our favorite animated series is "Peppa Pig." The stories of Peppa, her family, and her friends are absolutely charming and we, like millions of people all around the world, can't get enough of ...

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