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The Disturbing Real Story Behind Cinderella

"Cinderella" is a story we all think we know. The tale of how a poor, mistreated girl, gets the blessing of her fairy godmother and wins the heart of the handsome prince after losing her glass slipper...


10 Old Ads That Wouldn't Fly Today

The world of advertising is a funny thing sometimes. You have to appeal to a certain audience and be able to present your product in such a way that'll make millions flock to buy it. Or, in some cases...


10 Disney Characters You Had No Idea Were Gay

If you’re Disney fan, you probably think there’s nothing you don’t know about your favorite characters. But watching our favorite movies as an adult, we couldn’t help but notice some clues regarding m...


Descendants 3 Fan Fiction Stories Part 2

We absolutely loved Disney’s "Descendants 2." It was an absolutely wonderful movie. We loved seeing how Mal and the other characters from the Isle of the Lost coped with life in Auradon Prep, we also ...

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