Mind Blowing Cartoon Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood


Cartoons are one of the best parts of childhood, and for many, adulthood too. We all have our favourites that we’ve seen over and over. We think there’s nothing new to learn about these stories we’ve spent so much time with.We know all the dialogue and we can sing every song. Wouldn’t it shock you to realize that these memorized childhood treasures may hold hidden worlds we’ve never noticed? Cartoon fans have many theories about origin stories, alternate histories, deaths of characters and even real life conspiracies. Shows from Arthur to Inspector Gadget are full of mind blowing secrets to uncover. What if everyone’s favourite crime fighting detective was really a robot built by his niece? What if Arthur is a show about a human boy in a coma or even dead? Some even build complex ties and histories linking many Disney movies together into one intricate universe. Some of these theories may ruin beloved tales but most will simply cause you to pause and examine these yarns more deeply. We hope this video will help you rediscover your own childhood favourites as well as discover new facets of shows you may have never seen. Take some time to explore each theory for yourself and find nuances and symbolism in your own favourite cartoon films and series. Don’t be afraid to spoil your own childhood memories by learning a mind expanding truth or uncovering a startling conspiracy.