Justice League: X Behind The Scenes Secrets They Don't Want You To Know


We can hardly believe it. The moment we have all been waiting for as DC fans is here. Justice League has hit the big screen complete with some of our favorite heroes. We’ve waited so long to see these heroes make their big screen debut that we tried to absorb any and all info involving this film. Including some pretty great behind the scenes secrets that we will show you today.

With comic book movies running rampant in Hollywood, we get to relive our childhood dreams of seeing the superhero world become a reality.

These films have created what we only imagined in our wildest dreams. The insane special effects make these heroes and their world look like they are actually happening. Which of course just makes us want to fly and have super strength even more.

When we were kids we dreamt of having these enviable super powers, abilities, or cool swords that were unique to each of our favorite characters. Heck we still dream of it.

But we also admired the iconic costumes, albeit some of them were kind of silly. Luckily, they have been revamped and boy are they awesome looking. Just like Cyborg’s costume. Pretty great right? Well it turns out it is fully CGI. He was the only one who got to show up on set with what they called pajamas. Sounds like a pretty fun job.

Want to know what else happened behind the scenes? Watch our video and find out.