Justice League Fan Theories That Make The Movie Even Better


The Justice League movie is now showing in movie theatres around the world and it's not unjust to describe the reviews it's receiving as being a little under par - but we think those reviews are extremely harsh if we're being honest. Sure, the DCEU's latest offering is no Captain America: The Winter Soldier, no The Dark Knight, no Guardians of the Galaxy or even no Wonder Woman, but if what you're looking for is an enjoyable action flick to watch while you're munching on your popcorn, it's got everything you need and more! These theories make it even better! They are as follows; that the next Justice League member to join the team will be a Green Lantern, that the reason no Green Lanterns helped in the fight against Steppenwolf was because something major was going on in space, that Wonder Woman and Aquaman have Kryptonian heritage, that the Greek gods are being reborn on Earth as superheroes, that the DCEU and Arrowverse are set to collide, that Superman has come back more evil than before, that Lex Luthor purposely manipulated the formation of the Justice League, that the Flash was just about to unleash his true power in the post-credits scene, that the Injustice League will be the team formed by Lex Luthor and Deathstroke going forward, and that Lex Luthor's body will be the host for Darkseid when the New God leader heads to Earth. Enjoy - but be aware that there are Justice League spoilers in this video! You have been warned!