Justice League: 7 Unanswered Questions That Are Driving Fans Crazy


Justice League has come swinging into the big screen and it can be said to be a step in the right direction for the Batman and Superman centric films. Lighter in tone than it’s predecessor and full of fun characters, the film is certainly a fun time at the movies. But despite all that, there are some unanswered questions we had after the film was over. Some had to do with some confusing plot points, such as the whole point and origin of the mother boxes, which is the driving force of the film. Their reason for existing isn’t really explored, which makes us wonder why they are a thing and why they didn’t call to Steppenwolf before Kal-El came to Earth. Another question that non-DC fans might have is just who the heck is Steppenwolf? Well, he’s the nephew of Darkseid actually, who oddly enough isn’t established at all in the film. Where is the big bad and how does he tie into Steppenwolf’s plans? Then there’s some major plot holes, such as why does no one freaks out at the return of Clark Kent from the grave on the SAME day as Superman’s revival? Weird stuff, but never an issue. Bruce Wayne also took a huge gamble in bringing Superman back to life and used Lois Lane as a contingency plan. But what if that didn’t work? Bruce should’ve known to have some Kryptonite on hand just in case Superman started destroying things. Thousands of years ago, the gods, Atlanteans, Amazonians, humans and Green Lanterns all fought together against Steppenwolf but this time around, the Olympians, armies of Atlantis and the Green Lantern Corps are nowhere to be found. Why exactly? Surely one Lantern would’ve come to Earth’s aid? Finally, despite being brought back from the grave, where is Superman’s black suit? It’s part of the comic book narrative and was heavily teased by Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. Maybe another time?