Justice League 5 Behind The Scenes Moments You Won't Believe


The DCEU film Justice League has been years in the making and finally arrived on the big screen. With such a large cast and huge story, fans have been clamoring for every detail possible. Watch to see Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and the other heroes showcase some behind-the-scenes secrets taken directly from the film.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman may get along in the movie, but the actors loved to spar in behind the scenes footage. This includes moments with both his trident and her signature sword. Ben Affleck tries to do a lot while in the Batsuit, but he has a stunt team by his side for some of the more technical shots. Two of the Batman stuntmen posted a behind the scenes picture showing them in full costume and proving there could be more than one Batman. The Batmobile was a highlight in Batman vs. Superman, but for Justice League, the characters decided to get around in some pretty expensive Mercedes-Benz cars. Each car is extremely rare and crafted for the movie. It’s awesome to see the Justice League group all in their costumes. While most of them were practical designs, Cyborg was mostly digital effects, forcing the actor to wear a suit that looked like pajamas. One of the more popular pictures getting passed around online was of Aquaman playing the guitar. This is a common practice for Jason Momoa and has led to other picture releases of cast members jamming along with him. Watch to see these crazy behind the scenes moments featuring your favorite cast members!