Guardians Of The Galaxy 10 Ways The Film Improved On The Comics


Marvel took a huge risk with Guardians of the Galaxy, but it paid off big time. Unlike the other Marvel movies, like IronMan or CaptainAmerica it wasn’t based on a comic that everyone had grown up knowing. The current version of Guardians of the Galaxy had only been around a few years at that point, and wasn’t a major sellers. But this gave filmmaker James Gunn tons of freedom, and boy did he use it! The comic book versions of our favorite rag-tag heroes used to sport matching outfits and talking spaceships. The characters didn’t have as much personality in the comics, and the big screen really characters like Drax and Ronin shine for the first time. Freeing the guardians from being tethered to Knowhere lets them adventure through the cosmos with reckless abandon. While other superhero teams have to find logistical ways to write off characters any overpowered characters like The Hulk, Thor and TheVision, the Guardians of the Galaxy are actually a very well balanced team in the cinematic version. Most adaptations lose characters or important details fans loved from the books. However, we think the film actually improved on the source material, trimming the fat, only giving you the best parts and providing you with a mix of awesomeness. While you wait for the sequel, these are just a few ways the Guardians of the Galaxy movies improved over the comic book counterparts.