Famous Stars Who Perform Their Own Stunts


Who says every actor needs a stuntman?

When starring in an action film, it’s almost guaranteed that the principle roles will engage in some sort of violent act, especially if the actor needs to conquer the bad guys in an area filled with gunfire. That’s where stuntmen come in, taking on tasks like wild car chases, jumping from building to building and even taking a fall deemed too dangerous for the lead role.

However, some actors insist on doing their own stunts, whether it is for realism purposes or because they feel equipped to do so. Better yet, some of Hollywood’s leading men and women have performed dangerous spots you wouldn’t expect them to. Surely, some celebs of the past had the training and a professional license to do so, but for the more glamorous figures, it’s quite shocking to read up on someone you would least expect to jump from a helicopter into the green fields. Most actors would do their own stunts if the schedule permits, yet there will always be concern for their well being. Here are some of Hollywood’s most notable superstars that have performed their own stunts frequently in films:


Gina Carano did all of her stunts in her breakout film Haywire

She was a professional mixed martial arts fighter, after all


Angelina Jolie is considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women

The femme-fatale performed all of her stunts in the action-thriller Salt


Bruce Lee was the Godfather of martial arts

There’s no way anybody else would have stepped in to perform his maneuvers


Jason Statham did most of his stunts in The Transporter

He frequently performed most of them in his other films


Jackie Chan very rarely uses a stunt double to replace him

He did everything by himself in Rush Hour


Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise is talented

He was in for hell or high water in the Mission: Impossible movies


Christian Bale did just about all the stunts in the Batman series

Batman doesn’t exactly have superpowers to begin with


Kristen Stewart did all of her stunts in Snow White and the Huntsman

It was one of her most violent roles