Everything You Need To Know About The Loud House Spin Off Show


Do you love “The Loud House”? Nickelodeon announced a new spin off show that will focus on Ronnie Anne and her family! It’s called “Los Casagrandes” and as the name suggests, it will also explore the Latin culture. The cartoon will talk about the Casagrande family, which is just as large as “The Loud House” family. It will focus on the family moving to a new city, and we’ll get to see Ronnie Anne and Bobby adjust to their new life. They’ll go on adventures and, of course, meet some colorful city characters along the way. The fourth season of “The Loud House” will feature a six-episode story that will focus on Ronnie Anne’s family and connect to the new spin off.

When will “Los Casagrandes” air? Who is directing it? What characters will appear in it? What does this mean for “The Loud House?” You’ll have to watch our video to find out! We can’t wait!