Cast Of Zombies Real Name And Age


If you’re anything like us, then you’re already obsessed with Disney’s new movie “Zombies.” The songs, the romance, and the characters are all so amazing. But have you started to wonder who the actors behind those characters are? Check out our video about the Cast of ZOMBIES Real Name and Age.

Do you know who the beautiful girl who plays Addison is? Her name is Meg Donnelly. She’s a young actress with a lot of credits to her name already. Do you recognize her from the Netflix series “Team Toon?” Or what about ABC’s “American Housewife?” Either way, it’s clear that “Zombies” won’t be the last time that we see her gorgeous face.

With other popular characters like Zed, Eliza, Zoey, and Bucky, there’s a lot to learn about the talented actors who play them. Stay tuned until the end to find out which two castmates might actually be dating. And we’re pretty sure that it’s not who you’re thinking of.