Cast Of Descendants Real Name And Age


Disney's "Descendants" movie franchise has captured the hearts of audiences everywhere. It follows the lives of the children of some of our favorite Disney villains and heroes. If you ever wondered what Maleficent, Mulan, or Belle’s offspring would look like, you need to watch these movies. And make sure to watch Cast of Descendants Real Name And Age to learn more about the talented actors who brought these roles to life.

Booboo Stewart plays Jay, the son of the evil Jafar from "Aladdin." But did you know that Booboo isn't his real name? We bet that you won't even believe us when we tell you what his first name actually is.

Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Thomas Doherty, and Cameron Boyce are some of the other "Descendants" actors that we just can't get enough of. Stay tuned until the end to find out who decided to legally change their name after their father passed away.