Breakout Roles Of The Biggest Movie Stars


All it takes is one role.

Hollywood can be extremely demanding for a young actor. Not only does the young hopeful have to deal with incredible pressure from everyone around them, they need to make sure their career is off to a hot start. If the first few films flop, chances are so will the actor’s career. We’ve seen examples of Hollywood’s best talents improve and get better with age, yet that’s not the case for everyone.

For a special group of actors, they rose to prominence by exceeding expectations in their first movie gigs. There are a lot of components that make an actor’s first film successful, but it all comes down to stealing the spotlight when it’s supposed to be on someone else. It’s quite uncommon for an actor to be given the lead role in their very first film, so they need to shine as a supporting actor in hopes of one day acquiring the star role. If anything, the actor’s goal should be sticking out like a sore thumb and making sure audiences remember their face and name. Here are some of the most notable breakout roles featuring Hollywood’s best:


Cameron Diaz instantly became a hot commodity after debuting in The Mask

She did in fact have quite the grand entrance in that film


Jared Leto has become one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men

That wasn’t the case when he played a drug addict in Requiem For A Dream


Natalie Portman had many great roles as a young actor

She became a child assassin-in-training in Leon: The Professional,


Scarlett Johansson is highly sought and one of the most desirable celebrities

She first appeared in Ghost World, adapted from the graphic novel


James Franco has done everything from acting to taking the director’s chair

You may remember him as Harry Osborne in Spider-Man


Jennifer Lawrence earned her massive fame in the Hunger Games

But she first starred in Winter’s Bone as brave Ree


Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t always the chiseled hunk he is today

DiCaprio first stole hearts in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape


Kristen Stewart turned heads long before Twilight

She starred in Panic Room in a stellar supporting role