Biggest Unanswered Last Jedi Questions Fans Are Dying To Find Out


After years of waiting, Star Wars The Last Jedi premiered and fans were beyond excited with the outcome of the movie. Before the credits could even roll, questions filled the minds of fans as they dissected scenes, analyzed crazy plot twists, and are already looking forward to Episode IX of Star Wars. Let’s break down each question and discover possible answers behind each one.

The final scene in Star Wars presented a lot of optimism and possibilities for the future all because of a simple broom kid. Will he train to become a Jedi? Will Rey open a new academy? How many others are out there like him? One of the biggest revelations in The Last Jedi was the death of Luke Skywalker. Will he return for Episode 9 and how much of a role will we play as a Force Ghost? In a quick moment, we see Rey has possession of all the Jedi training books. How will she use these to guide the future and become an even stronger warrior!? Finn spent a majority of the Last Jedi building a relationship with Rose. Naturally, a love triangle has formed between him, Rose, and Rey, but who will Finn chose? Princess Leia is one of the only surviving human characters from the original trilogy, but with the actress passed away, what will become of the character? Snoke’s death was a huge twist, but is he really dead? All signs point to yes. See these questions and more speculation as you watch the Biggest unanswered Last Jedi questions fans are DYING to find out!