Biggest Movie Mistakes You Missed


Watching a movie for the first time is filled with pure entertainment and joy. When watching a movie again, you may notice some more of the details that occur in both the foreground and background. This when keen viewers will spot some of the biggest movie mistakes. These mistakes are not found in low budget films, they are actually featured in some of the biggest blockbuster epics seen in the last couple of decades.

In Tom Cruise’s the Last Samurai, a lot of the costumes, set designs, and weapons were all made to look as authentic as possible. This also included the unpredictable actions of the on-set horses. In Jurassic Park, technology isn’t anything like it used to be. A video call doesn’t play like it should today. James Bond goes on a crazy adventure in Quantum of Solace, but he should be a little weary of the man sweeping in the background. Gladiator may have taken place during the year 180, but they definitely didn’t have large tanks or engines powering their chariots. In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Mark Wahlberg helps battle the giant robots, but he may have had a mysterious friend by his side during some of the epic battle scenes. Batman knows just how to fight off enemies in The Dark Knight Rises, but maybe he has some sort of superpowers that no one is really aware of. The same type of blooper also occurs in Batman Begins when Batman encounters the same goofy officer twice. Star Wars may be one of the biggest franchises of all-time, but it also is home to one of the craziest bloopers as well. Watch and enjoy the biggest movie mistakes you missed!