Best Hidden Messages In Famous Movies


It’s not always the director who should be praised for making a film interesting. More often than not, actors, crew members, special effects coordinators and those working in various departments are known to insert many details that may not catch the eye at first glance.

Hidden messages in films are nothing new, yet it’s difficult to compile a list of them all. It may take years to discover the slightest hidden detail in your favorite film. There’s definitely a place for hidden messages, yet are they there just for the sake of inclusion, or are the slightest hints used as a building blocks for future plans?

Some of the best hidden messages can never be ignored once they are found, thanks to the help of movie gurus around the world.

In I Am Legend, a billboard is seen showing a Batman vs. Superman film set to open in 2010

The image hints at a movie almost 10 years in the making

There is a Mexican restaurant in Anchorman whose name translates to “we spit in your food”

A morse code message in Peter Jackson’s King Kong says nothing about an arrest

The message says “show me the monkey!”

David Fincher gives away the twist in Fight Club when Tyler Durden uses a pay phone that reads no incoming calls

Disney has been criticized about subliminal messaging in The Lion King

The word “sex” can be seen in the dusted-sky scene

An audio recording can be heard during the end credits of Cloverfield

Played in reverse, a voice reveals “it’s still alive”