Avengers VS X-Men: Who Is Marvels Strongest Team?


The Leaders

While most comic book fans would tell you that Captain America has emerged as the de facto leader of the Avengers, the team’s origins, and the version seen in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe have viewed Steve Rogers as the heart, but not necessarily the brains (or the money) behind the team. That duty fell to billionaire superhero Tony Stark, always one step ahead of the problem, with enough technology and wit to solve it.

For the X-Men, it’s an easier question: Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops is the embodiment of a fearless leader, and while he may be lacking in funds or gadgets compared to the Avengers’ resident beam-weapon-blaster, he makes up for it in courage and determination.

If we’re talking purely about power, Cyclops has an edge: Tony Stark’s famous armor and on-board attacks are powerful, but they can’t hold a flame to Cyclops’ eye blasts, channeling massive beams of concussive force from an alternate dimension. Unfortunately, the students and teachers at the Xavier School don’t really believe in armor. Combine that with Iron Man’s ability to fly, and it’s hard to believe Tony wouldn’t come out on top – even if he lacks the conviction or inspiration Cyclops has in spades.

Edge: Avengers

The Lost Warriors

Two men blessed with increased durability, agility, reflexes and strength: one, a clawed mutant who’s impossible to kill, and the other, a soldier out of time who will never give up.

The comparisons between Captain America and Wolverine might not be obvious on the surface, but they’ve got more in common than you think. Burying a past filled with dead friends and loved ones, and with only the war to give them purpose, you have to think that any fight between the two would end in cold beers, instead of blood.

But our mission demands that we not just imagine the amazing flurry of feet, fists, and sprayed sparks that this fight would entail, but who would emerge victorious. Even in the most even fights, you have to put your money on the one who heals instantly. But the fact that most comic book fans wouldn’t WANT to see these two heroes fight to the death perfectly demonstrates how even the teams really are.

Edge: X-Men

The Witches

Now we’re talking about true power: in the Avengers corner, there’s Scarlet Witch, a troubled woman struggling to control the magical powers she is able to wield over reality itself. In the X-Men corner, there’s Jean Grey, a troubled woman struggling to control the mutant and cosmic powers she is able to wield over reality itself. We would usually call this one a draw – since Scarlet Witch is also a player in Marvel’s version of the “Ultimate” Avengers – but add in the Phoenix Force that makes Jean Grey the most powerful mutant in the universe, and nobody, not even her teammates can hope to survive.

Edge: X-Men

The Gods

What’s a fight without some thunder and lightning. It’s actually weird how perfectly these teams stack up against eachother… almost as if they were created by the exact same men at the exact same time….

The Hulk Vs…

This one is pretty self-explanatory: the Avengers have a Hulk. The X-Men have plenty of angry mutants, brilliant mutants, and even some green ones… but zero Hulks.

Edge: Avengers


So what do you think? Is it only right that Marvel’s two greatest teams should come to a tie whenever they compete? Or do you think the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe beats Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and friends hands down? The future of the movies may not offer an answer, but in today’s world of billion-dollar superhero blockbusters, almost anything is possible. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and remember to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one.