Animated Movie Theories That Were Debunked By Writers


Disney movies have been watched so many times over the years viewers have nothing else to do but analyze every plot point, Easter Egg, and little moment. This has resulted in numerous film theories and some crazy film connections for animated movies like Toy Story, Aladdin, Rugrats, Hercules, and The Little Mermaid. As theories pick up steam, people start to believe them and call them credible. The only way to confirm them is to go directly to the source and in this case, it’s the animated movie writers. Multiple writers have debunked popular Disney and other animated movie theories. Their explanations can showcase exactly what happened, or in some cases leave things really vague.

In Aladdin, there are multiple theories involving characters and the main plot. The rumor about Aladdin taking place in the far future is wrong and the movie was originally set in Baghdad. The Rugrats have had two animated feature films and are part of a huge theory where the babies are actually all dead. No reason to ruin your childhood because the theory is completely dead. In Toy Story 2, we meet the cowgirl known as Jesse and many have assumed her original owner was actually Andy’s mom, but this is not the case. The Little Mermaid has become notorious for a scene involving a very happy priest, but the film writers insist it just wobbly knees. Over the past couple of years or so, rumors have spread about Andy’s father and Toy Story’s connection with Woody. Despite gaining popularity, the theory was debunked by one of Pixar’s top writers. Watch to see how all of these theories and several others get debunked by the writers and creators of the animated film.