Actors Who Were Made To Play Animated Characters


Bringing an animated character to life is no easy task. But sometimes, there were actors who were just born to play a certain role. Ironically though, some actors ended up looking an awful lot like certain animated characters, making us wonder if they should be playing live action versions of these characters. Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame honestly looks a lot like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons in that first season and Will Poulter could easily bring Sid to life from Toy Story. We’d buy into Neil Patrick Harris taking on a live action version of The Riddler in a Batman film while Christina Hendricks is the closest we’ll ever get to a real life Jessica Rabbit. The Incredibles 2 may be on the horizon but should Disney and Pixar ever remake it into a live action film, Linda Hunt is already set to play Edna-they look exactly the same. Aubrey Plaza already got to play an unofficial version of Daria for College Humor, she can pull off the Daria look so well it’s actually scary. But some actors who voice animated characters were also born to play animated characters. Could you picture anyone else as Genie in Aladdin? That’s a solid nope. Danny Devito voiced Phil in Hercules and the animators actually used a lot of his personality and looks when creating the mythical being. Wayne Knight, of Jurassic Park fame, looks an awful lot like Al from Toy Story 2 while Ed Asner is basically Carl Fredricksen from Up, the character he voiced.