Actors Who Got Dropped From Big Films


After a movie is made it’s hard to image certain characters in certain iconic movies played by other actors and actresses. So many movies can start with one actors or actress with the film underway them but for many reasons- the production can pull the plug on them. It’s show business, right? Hollywood can be cruel and the politics we can only begin to understand. But let’s remember- stars can be spoiled, get old, get accents wrong or rub the wrong person the wrong way. Our favorite movies could have turned out so totally different if it weren’t for the churn and burn that is capable in the movie industry.

Capping off that narcissism and having a great personality to work with applies everywhere but sometimes an actor can be perfectly professional and for reasons unbeknownst to them; terrible things like vicious lies spread about why they didn’t get to continue certain characters in certain movie franchises. These movie stars and their productions are just some examples of how actors can land parts- then fall on their asses when it comes to keeping it.

Andrew Garfield

• The two-time Amazing Spiderman

• Garfield was amazingly absent

• For an important Sony press party

• And that was that!

Rick Moranis

• Moranis had the right look and comedy chops

• for the Breakfast Club’s janitor role

• But a not-so-perfect Russian accent

• Earned him walking papers

Rachelle Lefevre

• After the first two Twilight Films

• Lefevre was ready to shoot more

• But was stunned to be replaced

• For a scheduling overlap

Pierce Brosnan

• Never given a specific reason

• For being dropped as Bond

• Brosnan suspects it was due to his age

• But it may have been his contract demands


• Set to star in zombie flick “The Other Side”

• LiLo’s ties with partying and drugs

• Ultimately deemed her ‘unbankable’

• So she was given the axe!