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The Dark Truth Of The Cast Of Greys Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows that has been on forever, and has a huge and loyal fanbase. But there are some dark and disturbing secrets and scandals going on behind the scenes, and we’ll let y...


10 Things That Prove Reality TV Is So Fake

Are you a reality tv addict? Or do you consider it a waste of time? Whether it’s your guilty pleasure or something you try to avoid, we will let you in on some behind the scenes secrets from people wh...


10 Craziest Katy Perry Moments On American Idol

This season of American Idol has started out strong, and that’s thanks in no small part to new judge Katy Perry. She has definitely made things interesting to say the least, and there have been many f...


The Horrible Truth About Peppa Pig

“Peppa Pig” is one of the most beloved shows on British television. Who would’ve thought that a show about a family of pigs would become so popular! “Peppa Pig” has been praised for being an education...


10 Descendants 3 Fan Theories About Mal's Father

Ever since the “Descendants 3” teaser came out in February 2018, the Twitterverse has been blowing up with theories about who Mal’s dad could be. The fans have some pretty good theories that are worth...


10 Theories About Disney's Zombies 2

Disney’s “Zombies” is one of the biggest and most popular Disney movies of the early 2018. The mix of “Descendants” and “High School Musical” proved to be extremely popular with the young crowd. Milli...


10 Things You'll Only Notice In Moana As An Adult

If we had to choose our favorite Disney movie, “Moana” would definitely be a top 3 choice. Not only does this movie feature a fantastic storyline - it’s also full of interesting details and behind the...


10 Fashion Rules The Duggar Girls Must Follow

The Duggar family became famous after being featured on TLC’s reality show called “19 Kids and Counting.” Having 19 kids is hard work and having rules is essential to a happy and easy family life. But...

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