8 Things We Never Found Out About Snoke In The Last Jedi


Star Wars The Last Jedi gave us some pretty awesome and shocking moments. But despite all the left field revelations, we got nothing new on Andy Serkis’ Supreme Leader Snoke. Who the heck is this guy? We saw that he could use the force, but how is it that he can use it? Did he have a master? If so, who was he? Or she? Was Snoke ever a student of the Force, such as a Jedi or a Sith or is he a product of the Force much like Anakin Skywalker was? How is it that Ben Solo and Snoke knew each other during the Jedi Academy days? Was Snoke around at the school or was he communicating to Ben through the Force light-years away? He also looks a bit alien while also looking very human, just what is he? His face, tells a very unique and personal story. It’s obviously been on the receiving end of some combat. What happened to make him so weak and disfigured? Also, how does he factor in to the Knights of Ren, if at all, and does he know Luke personally or just by reputation? How was it that he became the leader of the First Order? It’s up to JJ Abrams to answer these questions now as Rian Johnson opted to do the unexpected and make the movie he wanted to make. Snoke just wasn’t part of that plan.