8 Star Wars The Last Jedi Fan Theories That Are Strong With The Force


Star Wars The Last Jedi’s second trailer sent fans over the moon with plenty of little bits of information to over-analyze and debate. There was a lot of new content and of course, that leads to new theories to spring from the internet. Many are rooted in the saga’s history while some are fresh and brand new. For instance, it’s implied even more now that Rey may just fall to the dark side while Kylo Ren, once known as Ben Solo, may be facing an identity crisis and consider the error of his ways. Poe Dameron, hot shot pilot for the resistance may in fact be a First Order spy while Finn could in fact be the mysterious force user we’ve been looking for. Then there’s Snoke. We got our first real look at him in the most recent trailer and he looks angry.But who is this guy who is showing off his intense force powers? Well some believe that he is actually the father of Anakin Skywalker and is the cause of all the problems in the galaxy. Others believe that he is the bi product of Darth Plagueis’ experiments in the force. Either theory presents a lot of curious and interesting possibilities. If she doesn’t fall to the dark side, Rey may in fact be the first force user in a new line of non-Jedi, one who accepts both light and dark side realities. This would abandon many of Yoda’s teachings in favor of a much more radical approach. Then there are the mysterious Knights of Ren. Just who are these guys who have been absent from the marketing material and most of the narrative so far? Well, there’s a theory that suggests they are in fact former students of Luke!