8 Glaring Issues With Thor Ragnarok


Thor Ragnarok has finally hit all markets across the world and the film has been getting nothing but praise from fans and critics alike. Indie director Taika Waititi has made a unique and ambitious comic book movie that blends drama with quirky humor. Despite the heaps of praise the film is getting though, there are some glaring issues with the film. For instance, the much publicised humor that was featured in the film actually got in the way of some of the more dramatic and emotional points of the film. While the new tone was a welcome addition, it did also hurt the film in some scenes. Furthermore on that note, it’s never really explained how or why Thor has gone from serious warrior to goofy superhero. But there’s more issues than just the tone. Where is Lady Sif and why did the Warriors three’s death ever get mentioned to Thor at the end of the film? They were his best friends and the film totally glossed over such an event. The heavily marketed gladiator match between Thor and Hulk also felt like it could have been so much more. Instead, it just felt like a pit stop within the film instead of an important scene. The once great villain Loki has been reduced to being bested by his brother in this film and is regularly beaten down despite being able to hold his own against Thor in previous films. Hela makes her MCU debut and while she is certainly menacing, played by Cate Blanchett, she is still a one note villain in Marvel’s roster. The film never explains Thor’s newfound grammar styles and never shows Thor being surprised he can now talk to his fellow Avenger and there’s a huge plot hole in the film concerning electricity and the God of Thunder.