7 Theories On Disney Villains Who May Still Be Alive


Disney movies may be lighthearted and fun, but it’s not always that way for the villains. Falls off cliffs. Firework explosions. Bloody sword fights to a fiery death. They are not pretty, but the villains often ask for it in their evil actions. Through the years, we may have assumed villains died in films when their fates is a little more ambiguous than we assume.

As Gaston battled the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, he suffered the same fate as other Disney villains by falling off a cliff. With a ravine below, Gaston may have actually survived and swam away to freedom. Ursula gets attacked multiple ways at the end of the Little Mermaid but understanding a real octopus would make you think twice about her survival. Lucifer the cat gets tossed out a window in Cinderella, but has some pretty amazing survival instincts. Jafar’s lamp may have been destroyed in The Return of Jafar, but his fate was far from sealed thanks to some help from another Disney villain. Hades is a God and many people would assume he died in Hercules, but this is not the case at all. Hades has the power and ability to escape his fate and continue his life in the underworld. The Oogie boogie man appears to meet his fate at the end of A Nightmare Before Christmas, but all it takes is some thread and a needle to bring the monster back to life. Watch to see 7 theories on Disney villains who may still be alive!