7 Theories About Voldemort That Completely Change The Harry Potter Movies


Voldemort ranks as one of the best movie villains of all time. Heck, he’s one of the best villains of all time period, no matter what the medium is. He has a legacy around him and a history to back it up. He went to war twice and caused so much panic and fear through his campaigns that wizards and witches were afraid to say the name “Voldemort”. With a presence like that, there’s bound to be an interesting backstory to go with it. And while author J.K. Rowling did supply a hefty amount of history for Tom Riddle, there’s enough not spoken about that the internet has taken it upon itself to write up some very interesting and sometimes crazy theories that change how we view Lord Voldemort. For one, there’s the absolutely horrifying theory on just how the horcruxes are made. We know that avada kedavra is used but that can’t it the only step right? Or else Harry and company would have a lot of Horcruxes to deal with for a lot of his minions. Another is the reason Tom Riddle was so unusual from the get go and how it led to him going down the path of darkness. Hint-it starts with his parents. One theory dives into the history of the wand cores between Harry and Voldemort and how they symbolize their path in the story while another theory breaks out the old family tree and makes an old teacher of Tom Riddle’s a distant relation if proven to be true. That theory comes to light thanks to the backstory given during the time of Fantastic Beasts. Of course, there’s the portkey theory, which sets out Voldemort’s true plan for Harry Potter during the graveyard scene in Goblet of Fire. It’s much more frightening than just taking him out of the picture, trust us!