5 Things Sony Should Do With The Spider-Man Universe (5 It Shouldn't Do)


With the new Spider-Man: Homecoming film out in on the scene, we can’t help but wonder what’s next in the world of Spider-Man. We know that our favorite neighborhood Spider-Man is joining the Avengers in the MCU but what’s next in Sony’s book? Well it looks like they plan to explore the Spider-Man universe, but we aren’t sure what route or what they plan to explore just yet. We do however have some suggestions as to some topics and characters they should include and explore in their films. Like Spider-Gwen for instance, we know fans love her. Exploring her world in her alternate universe would be a completely refreshing Spider-verse story. Plus we would get to see an awesome female superhero on screen. Another awesome female protagonist would be Silk. Sure her origin story is very similar to Peter’s, in fact the same spider that bit him, bites her. But she’s also really cool looking and an kick butt hero. And of course no Spider-verse would be complete without including Venom. The Planet of the Symbiotes story would be a good place to start as it explore the symbiote’s back story and why it was corrupted. It also involves the Guardians of the Galaxy, so you know it will be fun to see.

Of course there are also some things that shouldn’t be explored. Like the Clone Saga, which is too long and too convoluted to hold anyone’s attention. Or more origin stories, we need a break from those. Want to hear about more things that should and should not be included in the Spider universe? Check out our video and find out.