5 Hilarious Comedy Movie Sequels


Franchises are a big part of Hollywood’s DNA with new sequels coming out every year. There are so many series that making a list of the best part twos isn’t that hard. But things get a little harder when you’re looking for comedy sequels that were just as funny as their predecessor. Looking at you, Hangover II. Here are Screen Rant’s 5 Hilarious Comedy Movie Sequels

22 Jump Street

Phil Lord and Chris Miller defied expectations by successfully rebooting the Jump Street property as an R-rated comedy, but based on previews, some thought the sequel would just be a retread. Instead, the film used that to its advantage and became a skewering satire of Hollywood franchise building, offering more self-referential jokes than you could think of. Thanks to the skills of the actors and sharp writing in the script, the gag never got old and 22 Jump Street served up as many laughs as the first one did, if not more. Plus, the end credits sequence was pretty sweet as well.

Naked Gun 2 ½: The Smell of Fear

Though this second installment wasn’t as well received critically as the first Naked Gun, it was still a strong box office hit that made more than its predecessor and was a worthy successor. Leslie Nielsen continued his trademark deadpan humor by returning to the Frank Deblin role, showing why he’s one of comedy’s most iconic heroes with jokes and hysterically inept police work aplenty throughout the run time. The funny visual gags are enough to recommend this film, but Frank’s romance with Priscilla Presley’s Jane gave audiences some emotional stakes to care about and balanced out the slapstick in a heartfelt way.

Hot Shots! Part Deux

A worldwide box office hit, Hot Shots continued its memorable brand of action spoof humor that also doubled as biting political satire with a plot revolving around Operation Desert Storm and Saddam Hussein. Primarily poking fun at Rambo III, the film also expanded to the realm of sci-fi, “recreating” legendary bits from Star Wars and Terminator 2 to craft standout action sequences and jokes. It also didn’t hurt that talented comedians like Charlie Sheen and Lloyd Bridges were back in the fold, once again delivering hilarious turns as their fan-favorite characters. Never mean spirited, but always on-point, Hot Shots Deux is a parody done right for several reasons.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

The first film showed what a pair of stoners would do to get some burgers, and now the stakes have been raised considerably. Arrested on a flight to Amsterdam, our heroes must find their way out of the titular prison before it’s too late. The premise was ripe for social commentary on America in the post-9/11 world, using the franchise’s trademark racial stereotypes to its full advantage. Not too mention, misadventures featuring a KKK rally, Neil Patrick Harris, and even former US president George W. Bush were all incorporated to gut-busting results. Who knew that a prison break could be this wildly entertaining?

Horrible Bosses 2

After living out our craziest work-related fantasies in the first film, this sequel sees Nick, Kurt and Dale launch their own business so they can be their own bosses. Things go wrong after they get screwed on a deal by Christoph Waltz’s Burt Hanson, launching another series of unfortunate events for the gang. A kidnapping scenario involving Burt’s son Rex goes awry when Rex turns the tables on our heroes, with Chris Pine gleefully chewing scenery in one of his sleaziest roles to date. Plus, the returning cast – even the old bosses – are back and firing on all cylinders, making Horrible Bosses 2 a fun time that’s easy to watch.

Those are our picks for some of the funniest comedy movie sequels. Are there any we missed? Which comedy sequels are your favorites? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one.