5 Favorite Marvel Movie Superheroes Of All Time


With film rights spread across three different studios, Marvel Comics is omnipresent in the realm of comic book movies. Just in 2014, fans got four films from three companies, giving them plenty of opportunities to see their favorite heroes on-screen. More often than not, these flicks are full of memorable characters we can’t wait to see in sequels. Here are Screen Rant’s 5 Favorite Marvel Movie Heroes.


A couple years back, few even knew who Star-Lord was, but now the Guardians of the Galaxy protagonist is one of the leading figures of the MCU. Peter Quill’s admiration for Earth’s pop culture and strong emotional connections to his home planet (and lack of real super powers) makes it easy for audiences to relate to him. He’s just an ordinary guy thrown in extraordinary situations. Plus, he has a Han Solo-esque charming rogue streak about him thanks to the performance by Chris Pratt. A thief with a heart of gold, Star-Lord has endeared himself to the masses and will be around for a long time.

Professor X

Everybody needs a mentor, and those who attend Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters have one of the finest around in Professor X. Patrick Stewart was every X-Men fans’ dream choice for the role, and his performances in several films showcased why. He brought forth many of the qualities we love about the character, including his compassion and strong desire to make the world a better place. Xavier is also a phenomenal teacher, giving frightened mutants a place to call home as they learn to master their gifts. He was even able to connect with Wolverine. It’s too bad the quality of the films wasn’t always at the level of Stewart’s talents.


Long before Marvel and DC adaptations flooded theaters, the Blade trilogy first showed how live-action comic book films could be a viable investment. Much of their success was due to star Wesley Snipes, who injected the titular character with a sense of cool composure that made him fun to watch in several breathtaking action sequences. Blade’s confident bravado made him stand out from the crowd and illustrated why he’s a valuable ally in a fight. Also, Blade has a deep sense of honor, choosing to use his half-vampire abilities to protect humans instead of preying on them. That alone makes him a worthwhile hero.


When a movie’s hero is an indestructible killing machine, viewers criticize it as boring. But that’s never been a problem with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Thanks to the actor’s unwavering love and enthusiasm for playing the character over and over again, Logan has struck a chord with audiences. His rugged toughness and fierce sense of loyalty are traits we love to see in any hero, and the mysteries about his past add layers of emotional complexity and vulnerability to the character – making him an interesting watch. When Jackman faces his inevitable “retirement” from the part, it will be a sad day indeed.

Iron Man

The poster boy of the MCU, RDJ’s Tony Stark is a rock star that has endeared himself to fans all across the globe. His charming wit, high intellect, and smooth sarcasm make him something of a comic book James Bond – in that many people would happily sign up to be him if they had the chance. But there’s more to Stark than his snark. Over the course of the films, he’s learned the value of selflessness and what it takes to be a hero, showing that despite his narcissistic moments, he truly cares about the world. All in all, he’s a fascinating character to follow, and it will be interesting to see how he evolves down the line.