25 Dramatic Unmaskings From Your Favorite Movies


Masks have been used in movies for multiple decades. They hide killers, conceal a hero’s true identity, and provide ways to create crazy plot twists. It’s always a good moment when a masked gets dramatically pulled off and this is exactly what you can see today.

From Austin Powers to Scream, there have been several dramatic unmaskings in your favorite movies. Captain America: The First Avenger showcased Red Skull pulling away his face to showcase the evil villain underneath it. Fans of the Return of the Jedi eagerly awaited the removal of Darth Vader’s helmet to reveal Luke’s father underneath. Bruce Wayne pulls off his mask in Batman Returns to declare his love for Catwoman. Drew Barrymore was speechless when she pulled the mask off the killer during the opening moments of Scream. Robin Williams creates a lot of drama when he is finally unmasked during the climax of Mrs. Doubtfire. Russell Crowe reveals his true self as the Gladiator. South Park’s Kenny spent years wearing a hood until it was pulled back in the official Bigger, Longer, and Uncut movie. Dark Helmet had an over the top entrance in Spaceballs and revealed Rick Moranis underneath the mask. Drew Barrymore transformed into LL Cool J during the opening action sequence in Charlie’s Angels. During Batman’s nightmare, Superman rips off his mask to reveal Bruce Wayne underneath. The Joker not only wears face paint, but he covers his face with a clown mask during the opening sequence in Dark Knight. Watch to see 25 Dramatic Unmaskings From Your Favorite Movies.