25 Disney Characters Who Suffered Crazy Free Falls


If there’s one trend that can be found in a majority of Disney movies, then it’s their constant use of freefalls. Characters fall off cliffs, buildings, and other objects as they lunge to possible death and injury.

Through the years, we’ve some crazy free falls including ones that lead to deaths, shocking moments, and some great intensity. The Evil Queen met her demise at the top of a deadly cliff. The same thing happened to Gaston when he desperately tried to kill the Beast. The Lion King featured two crazy falls, one featuring Mufasa and the other featuring Scar. Lightning McQueen suffered a terrible car crash that could have ended his racing career. In Toy Story, Buzz took a couple big falls and in Toy Story 2, it was Emperor Zurg who had a fall himself. Cruella De Vil got a little road crazy while chasing down some puppies. In Tangled, Mother Gothel fully disappeared before she even had a chance to hit the ground. Not only was Malificent stabbed in the chest, but she fell to her fiery grave in Tangled. In The Good Dinosaur, Arlo and Spot go flying over a giant waterfall. A human takes out a bear and knocks him off a cliff with amazing fashion in Brother Bear 2. A crazy river trip leads to a huge waterfall disaster in The Rescuers Down Under. There’s a crazy train scene in the Fox and the Hound that leads to a major injury for an old dog. Watch to see all 25 of these crazy falls!