20 Things You Didn't Know About The New Nickelodeon Music Stars


There’s so much information about famous Nickelodeon alumni turned pop stars like Ariana Grande, but here are 20 things you didn’t know about the new Nickelodeon music stars. The Nick stars in this new generation have become famous thanks to their roles in TV series and Nickelodeon original movies. Isabela Moner, Jack Griffo, Kira Kosarin and Lance Lim are four Nickelodeon stars to watch, as they start to break into the music industry. Learn more about them in our video.

Isabela Moner got her big break on Broadway next to a very famous singer. And now the star of ‘100 Things to Do Before High School’ has released her own debut solo album. But she doesn’t just use her voice for singing. She’s also voiced a character in a famous Nickelodeon animated TV series. Isabela has starred in Nickelodeon original movies too, like ‘Splitting Adam’. You’ll discover her relationship status with costar Jace Norman when you watch our video. Plus you’ll find out about her other skills, like languages and musical instruments.

Jack Griffo also starred in ‘Splitting Adam’ alongside Isabela. But he’s best known for playing Max on ‘The Thundermans’. He’s part of a superhero family in that Nickelodeon series, and his own family have some pretty super qualities too. Jack showed off his singing skills in another Nickelodeon original movie, ‘Jinxed’. He even released his own original song from the film, “Slingshot” as a single. His YouTube channel is the place to find all of the music covers he uploads. But that’s when he’s not busy at summer camp or making daredevil plans. Or making big mistakes, like the epic fail that involved his friend, their cars and a stop sign.

Jack’s costar on ‘The Thundermans’, Kira Kosarin has revealed how they often get mistaken for siblings in real life. But her own family history is pretty interesting, and it explains where her love of performing comes from. She’s got a massive list of musical instruments that she can play, and she uploads her music covers to YouTube too, having released a single. It’s not just music and acting that Kira excels at; she’s also ahead at school. You’ll be surprised what age she started at high school. And discover the TV show that made her fangirl when she met the cast.

Lance Lim and his character Zack from Nickelodeon’s reboot series ‘School of Rock’ only have one thing in common, and that’s music-based. The self-confessed superhero movie geek is another young star planning his music career while uploading covers to YouTube, but that’s when he’s not busy in the pool.

Watch our video to discover 20 things you didn’t know about the new Nickelodeon music stars, and tell us in comments which ones interested you the most.