20 Things You Didn't Know About The Cast Of Zombies


Disney’s “Zombies” has a pretty stellar cast. But you may be surprised to find out some interesting things we discovered when we did a little digging. We got the inside scoop, fun facts, and interesting trivia about the actors who rocked it out in this fun DCOM, or Disney Channel Original Movie, high school musical (not to be confused with Disney’s High School Musical, which is Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim’s favorite movie).

“Zombies” centers around the picturesque town of Seabrook. 50 years before this story takes place, an accident happened at the local power plant that unleashed a mysterious green haze. The townspeople who got exposed to this gas were turned into zombies. But don’t worry, thanks to the Z-band sending soothing electromagnetic pulses into their bodies, they don’t eat brains. Now that they are all allowed to attend the same school, things get pretty crazy. And we loved every minute of it!