20 Most Insane Movie Facts That Only True Fans Know About!


Hey film buffs! Do you regularly astound your friends with your unrivalled movie knowledge? You might be able to recite the script of The Godfather word-for-word, perhaps you know which year every movie in the Harry Potter franchise was released, and you might even know how many times Wayne and Garth say "schwing" in the Wayne's World movies, but what about all that lesser known movie trivia from behind the scenes?

There are a lot of facts about movies that might just take you by surprise - and that's what this video is all about. Here's our latest edition of twenty rapid fire behind the scenes movie facts...

Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg directed Jurassic Park in a very hands-on manner, but he oversaw the post-production of the movie via video link while in Poland filming Schindler's List.


With Robert Stromberg at the movie's helm, Maleficent had the largest ever budget for a first-time director of $263 million, surpassing another Disney film, TRON: Legacy, which had a budget of $170 million.

The Wrestler

In order to add realism to his portrayal of the title character in The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke "bladed" his own head. Blading is the process of cutting yourself to provoke bleeding and occurs in real-life in the professional wrestling industry.


To get a good idea of the vocal power behind the titular monster's roar in the recent Godzilla reboot, the movie's sound designers used a 12-foot high, 18-foot wide speaker array to blast it out at 100,000 watts.

The Mist

To help save time on the tight schedule of The Mist, the producers and director Frank Darabont hired the camera crew from The Shield television series to shoot the film. This camera crew was able to move fast, due to the hectic TV production schedule.

Men in Black 3

The weird looking white "alien" fish that says "hey" in the Chinese restaurant kitchen scene in Men in Black 3 is in fact an actual real life fish. Technically known as Psychrolutes marcidus, it is more commonly known as a blobfish.

American Ultra

As a promotional stunt for American Ultra, Lionsgate gave away free marijuana at the San Diego Comic Con to anyone in possession of a medical marijuana card.

Finding Dory

In Finding Dory, Alexander Gould is replaced by Hayden Rolence as the voice of Nemo, due to having outgrown his original role since Finding Nemo in 2003. However, Gould does have a Cameo as Passenger Carl in the movie.

Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice Age: Collision Course was originally scheduled for release on July 15th, 2016. However the release was delayed until July 22nd in order for it to avoid having to compete with the all-female Ghostbusters reboot.

Assassin's Creed

During the building of the Assassin's Creed courtyard set in malta, a hurricane swept inland and damaged the set. The set in question was built on the same site as the amphitheatre in Gladiator.

I Am Legend

Will Smith became so fond of his co-star, Abbey, the German Shepherd who played Sam in I Am Legend, that he tried to adopt her when filming was finished. However, the dog's trainer could not be persuaded to give her up.


Michael B. Jordan plays Adonis Creed - son of Apollo Creed - in 2015's Creed. However, in reality, Jordan was born in 1987, two years after the fictional death of Apollo.


There's a scene in Whiplash in which J.K. Simmons' character, Fletcher, calls Miles Teller's Andrew a "self righteous little prick". This was the only line Simmons improvised in the whole movie.

The Wolf of Wall Street

For the scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street in which some of the movie's characters snorted "cocaine", the actors actually snorted crushed B vitamins.

Despicable Me 2

The villainous Eduardo "El Macho" Pérez in Despicable Me 2 was actually meant to be played by Al Pacino. Pacino had even recorded his lines for the role, but he dropped out of the project due to creative differences and was replaced by Benjamin Bratt.

Monsters University

In spite of the fact that she was outright offered the role of Dean Abigail Hardscrabble in Monsters University, Helen Mirren requested that she audition for it anyway to ensure that the people behind the movie were satisfied with her performance.