20 Amazing Secrets About Superhero Movies


With movie studios spending millions to bring comic book superheroes to life, and outshine the competition, you would think that almost all of their efforts and energy winds up on the screen. But you'd be surprised to learn that some of the best superhero stories come from behind the camera, before they ever start rolling. Here is another dose of insider trivia in our latest edition of Know Your Movies: 20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Superhero Movies.

Man of Steel

The latest Superman origin story skips over most of Clark discovering his abilities as a kid, but we do get a look at his horrifying X-Ray vision. If the shots seem familiar, they should: the special effects team turned to John Carpenter's "They Live" for the overall look.

The movie gives only a short look at the planet Krypton before it's destroyed, but to make it seem real, Snyder hired a linguist to create an entire language, alphabet, and sentence structure for the ancient society. The art team made sure to create, then carve Kryptonian proverbs all over the props and sets - ready to be translated for any fan with some free time.

Batman V Superman

It's every kid's dream to be the Batman, so it's no surprise that during production of Batman V Superman, Ben Affleck asked the studio if he could have the Dark Knight costume when filming wrapped. They told him he could - but would have to cover the $100,000 cost. He decided some photos were a nice compromise.

Dawn of Justice might mark the first time that Batman and Superman share the screen, but that's not the entire story for the stars who made the heroes movie icons. To get a glimpse of the World's Finest an entire generation dreamed of, just pick up Speechless, starring Michael Keaton and Christopher Reeve.

Fans don't know how DC's movie universe will play out, but history has already been made, thanks to Ben Affleck, after playing former Superman actor George Reeves in Hollywoodland, Ben Affleck is now the first and only man to play both of DC's biggest heroes on film - and that's one record that he'll probably hold for good.

Batman Begins

It may have all been one big fake-out, but the first version of the immortal Ra's al Ghul is hard to forget, played by Ken Watanabe But don't bother trying to decipher the language he's speaking, being translated by Liam Neeson's secret villain - it's gibberish, made up by the actor with some Japanese words scattered for flavor.

The first scene that Christian Bale actually filmed with co-stars Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman features him waking from a drug-induced sleep. As incredible as his performance turned out, his co-stars weren't quite as impressed when Bale actually fell asleep in the Wayne bed, starting the shoot being poked awake by his butler, Alfred. Somehow, it seems like a perfect start.


Some of the best laughs of the movie come from the scenes shared by Deadpool and his favorite cab driver, Dopinder. But fans might not realize that the driver is actually a tribute to a childhood friend of star Ryan Reynolds who passed away when he was, fitting with the movie's tone, struck by lightning. For real.

Instead of artwork, Wade Wilson decorates his house with paper targets from a gun range he apparently frequents. The paper targets aren't randomly chosen, but authentic Firearms Qualification Targets used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They wouldn't be hard to find, since Ryan Reynolds' father and brother are both Mounties.

The movie confirms that Deadpool lives in the same universe as the X-Men, but the shared universe is just as active behind the scenes. Actress Olivia Munn first tried her hand at a mutant auditioning for the role of Deadpool's girlfriend. She didn't land the part, but producer Simon Kinberg decided she was too good to pass up, casting her as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse instead.

Suicide Squad

It's hard to think of another actress who could capture the no-nonsense authority of Amanda Waller like Oscar-nominated Viola Davis. But the studio was apparently eager to land another world-famous actress for the part: Oprah Winfrey. We still can't decide if that was a terrible idea, or an incredible one.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

It might seem like fantasy, but the shi-based satellite launch platform infiltrated by Cap in the movie;s opening scenes is an actual ship. Apparently, after landing the practical set, the directors decided to find a way to work the satellite technology into the plot of the script - a bit backwards, but it paid off.